Landscape Lighting

Make your neighbors envy your house. At Vander Sluys, we use state of the art equipment and the best product selection in the industry. We design, install, and service all types of lighting systems. Contact us to find out which customized package is right for you!


Security – Illuminating outdoor areas can cut down or eliminate places to hide. Anyone wanting to create mischief is dissuaded from doing so. Lighting is one of, or maybe the best way to secure your outside areas.

Beauty – Highlight that fountain, statue, key plant material, architecture of your home, and other key elements to your property that add meaning.


Safety –  Making sure everyone that comes to your home at sundown is safe with lighting. Lighting up pathways, patios, and other outdoor living areas create a space for you and your family to enjoy even after the sun goes down.

Economy – Low voltage systems generally are less expensive to install and less costly to run and maintain. Saving is key.

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